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    I cam remember a conversation with a PeopleSoft Apps developer on
this subject.  He stated that "The App is much more efficient at
maintaining the foreign key referential integrity and business logic
than the database.".  That held a touch of water until the 'app'  fouled
up and we ended up with a Bill of Materials that had no product it was
used for.  At that point we discovered that the real reason for no
referential integrity is that they do things in reverse so that the RI
would get in the way.  Programming dilemma fixed by crippling the DB.

Dick Goulet 
Senior Oracle DBA 



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And people pay money for these software cludges?! It has always
astonished me that companies like Oracle can market themselves as
Relational DBMS vendors, and then produce products which drive a horse
and cart through the very theoretical standards they are supposedly

Still, I guess it keeps the consultants off the streets! <Sorry David...
:-)  >


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                There are no primary key indexes in PeopleSoft - they
only unique indexes.
                Neither is there any database enforced RI.

        Same goes for SAP - there are 0 foreign keys in an SAP database,
        at least in my experience.

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