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Actually, the Dell/EMC:Clariion)/RedHat Oracle-certified 9i RAC cluster
platform has been around for a while.  We've had such a critter for almost
two years.  Its OK now, but there were growing pains.  Linux is not Solaris,
or AIX, or ...  In hindsight, its humorous.  At the time, it was

It didn't show up in testing (albeit, not at quite full functionality and
load concurrently), but shortly after we went production, we started having
some very serious issues - instance crashes, 10,000 session/connection
failures per hour, nodes losing their LUNs (very messy), sudden and
mysterious node crashes, even a few memorable whole-cluster crashes.  It
turned out to be a buggy driver intermittently corrupting memory and
trashing whatever happened to be there.  It happened on either or both
nodes, at random, sometimes lying dormant for a week or two everywhere.
This lasted for most of Q1 2004.  Oracle support had never heard of their
(then at least) oft-espoused "one stop" support for Oracle and Linux (and,
especially, for RAC on Linux).  I sent the URL
( don't have it handy right now though.)
for the (then) year+ old press release to them before they even knew that
they (supposedly) supported the Linux OS at all.  They then suggested that
we call RedHat or Dell.  We did - and some weeks later *finally* got a
diagnosis and a fixed driver (2nd attempt).

The next call to Oracle support, on an unrelated and relatively minor issue,
lead to a preliminary diagnosis that we had a "tainted kernel".  We would
have to restore everything to its original certified and thoroughly
crash-prone state to be supported.  We refused and closed the TAR.

Eventually though, they forgave us.

-Don Granaman

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> No bites on this.  I emailed a dell rep.  He suggested I start reading
> at
> Seems redhat/dell/emc are working together to produce such offerings.
> On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 11:14:36AM -0500, Ray Stell wrote:
> >
> > I've been building my own intel/linux clusters for testing.  I'm
> > wondering if you have tested any commerical offerings for the whole 9
> > yards; processers, FC, and storage.
> >
> >
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