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Sorry for the slow reply.

>> The Extended Cluster for RAC is...
>> a virtualized application environment
Not sure what this means.

>> a replicated and synchronized database. =20
"replicated"...This simply scares me... :O|

>>Extended Cluster for RAC works in an active-active mode=20
Would have to see it action before buying in.

>>across two datacenters, up to 100 kms apart
100 kms =3D 62 miles...nice but as I said before this (SAN syncing) has
geographic limitations.
My clients have data centers in different US states if the have one at

>>HP worked closely with Oracle, AT&T and Nortel Networks to have a great network to before even talking.

There is a nice graphic on page 4 of the .pdf

Also on page 5;
>> "Database replication is achieved via host--based software mirroring,
>> with RAC synchronizing the database caches via Cache Fusion."

BUT what happens when these to "physical differ database (being
replicated) become out of sync!?
Sorry but I'm no fan of "software based replication"...this is counter
the concept of OPS/RAC...which his based on hardware

If you have sat and watched your (v$...) sessions waiting for "global
cache..." with two RAC nodes side by side, I can only imagine the fun it
would be with two RAC nodes in different data centers.

This all sounds good, but simply, "why"?
Nice to see, but honestly I would never want to mange this...I'll take
DataGuard for now.

I don't want to sound cynical...this is very cool and good info...I
appreciate it. Oracle OPS has come a long way.

Chris Marquez
Oracle DBA
HEYMONitor(tm) -
"Oracle Monitoring & Alerting Solution"

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Thanks for your reply.

After I posted my message, I found information on HP's site about a
technology they call Extended Cluster for RAC, which uses disk mirroring
and other methods to achieve something like what I


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