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You can look inside the file and see, but my impression is that you
could run it at any time.   I will step out on a limb (since it is a gui
and you can't see) that it is the last (or nearly) thing done during the

It is just telling you to do it before it the install can be considered

Anyone else can second,

Joel Patterson
Database Administrator
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I've been installing release 92080 on quite a few machines
lately and have managed to do something unexpected on two of
them.  I've not noticed any issues after my *error*, but I'm
wondering if anyone knows if there could be a problem that
I just haven't seen, yet.

At the end of the installation, a window pops up with a message
about needing to leave this window open and go run
from another window.  This is all well and good, but twice now
I've been working in another window when this message pops up.
If I happen to be typing too fast in my other window, the
message pops up, the focus is transferred to the installation
window before my brain catches up and I've managed to hit
return <in my installation window> before the root script
has been run.  Does anyone know what impact this has on the

Any comments are welcome.

- Maureen English
   University of Alaska
   Fairbanks, AK 99775


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