RE: ** impact of time clock changes on Running Oracle DB

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        I'm going to make the assumption that your running Oracle 9i or
10g.  Maybe that's a bad assumption, but you can correct me if I'm
wrong.  Reason that I mention this is that if your using "timestamp with
local timezone"  as your date data type then there is no time change as
far as the database is concerned.  This is because Oracle converts the
local date/time to GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time or ZULU, before storing
it and GMT does not change at all.  Otherwise you should see absolutely
no problems.  Been happening to my servers twice a year for 13 years

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Subject: ** impact of time clock changes on Running Oracle DB

  I would like to know the impact of changing the time on my UNIX
machine. how would it impact a ORACLE database running on the server. I
think Oracle takes its sysdate from the UNIX. Thanks for your help.=20
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