RE: histograms, buckets, and bind variables

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This is actually something I've never quite understood. with 9i bind variables don't completely prevent parsing correct?
...they just make a softer hard/soft parse?=20

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Ryan, the problem you are talking about is an 8i problem. Version 9,
especially 9.2 developed so called peeping Tom feature which makes
optimizer peek into the bind variables for the SQL the first time SQL is
executed. Values of those bind variables are then used to compute a

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> I could have swarn I read that if you use bind variables oracle=20
> ignores histograms. We are noticing different query plans based on the

> number of buckets our histograms have while our queries are using bind

> variables.
> One of the guys did a 10053 trace and added up the cost oracle is=20
> calculating and it is changing based on number of buckets even when=20
> bind variables are used.
> anyone else notice this?=20
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