Re: hash joins and pga/temp space?

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  • Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 18:54:16 +0000

I am really just looking for a way to predictively forecast how much hash space 
I need for a given query. Assuming the plan is the same. So as I add data I can 
know in advance what I will need instead of a try and find out. 

The system is in development. I don't have production data. So we are testing 
with smaller data sets. 
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> I don't have all the answers, but I did run into some issues with hash 
> joins degenerating into nested-loop joins when the record count 
> increased. I ended up cranking up the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET since I am 
> doing the auto-PGA thing (, and it seemed to solve my 
> problem. I also added USE_HASH hints, but I *think* it will still do 
> something else if it does not have enough memory for the hash table. 
> Unfortunately I do not have a representative test system for this 
> warehouse style implementation. 
> Note that if you use the USE_HASH hint the smaller table should be the 
> first parameter. 
> I also recall reading that there are some upper limits for the hash_area 
> and sort_area memory sizes (200mb?) when using the auto-PGA, and some 
> undocumented parameters may be required for getting larger sizes. In my 
> case I was able to get away with adjusting PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET up so 
> did not get into that. 
> There is some interested reading on hash joins (as well as sorting 
> costs, and lots of other things...) in Jonathan Lewis' book "Cost-Based 
> Oracle Fundamentals", which you may want to check out. 
> --Peter 
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