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  • Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2011 10:24:57 +0100

I'm reproducing a short entry I wrote at the behest of Oracle below. I, and
I'm sure others, have been known to whinge from time to time about the OCP.
Oracle Ed is at least asking practicing DBAs for their opinions, hence the
post and the ad here. Apologies to the list admins if the ad is too much
Well here's a blog entry I didn't think I'd write. One that comes as a
direct result of a request from Oracle Corp, specifically Oracle Education.
The email I received is reproduced below.

Today we are releasing an Oracle Database Job Task Analysis Survey to
determine what tasks are important and relevant to Oracle Database
Administrators as we look to define future Oracle Database Certification and
Curriculum Offerings.

We would really appreciate if if you could help us by posting this
information on your Database related Blog sites.

*Take the Oracle DBA Job Task Survey!...*
Are you an Oracle Database Administrator? Would you like to help define the
depth and scope of future Oracle Database training and certification? Join
with other Oracle experts to take an online survey and tell us what tasks
are important to you.

I took the survey which you can find
night. Overall I'm happy to help publicize the survey for the following

   - Practitioners who actually do the job are probably a better judge of
   task importance than educators.
   - Practitioners who actually do the job are probably a better judge of
   task importance than consultants like me.
   - The OCP needs improvement and focus to remain of value.
   - The OCP needs in my opinion anyway to provide proof of practical
   expertise and not book learning.

All of these issues can be addressed to some extent by actually asking
practitioners what they do and don't find useful in the real world. One
thing I wasn't expecting, but only because I didn't read the welcome page
given how I'd got there, was the fact that you get a download of the 11g
Interactive Reference guide at the end of the survey. Anyway please do take
its short, focussed and worthwhile. If like me you occasionally whine about
the OCP here's your chance to contribute at least something.

Niall Litchfield
Oracle DBA


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