few doubts about RAC

  • From: Jaffar_DBA <sjaffarhussain@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 08:58:22 +0300

Hello RAC gurus,

I have following basic doubts  about RAC as we are going to implement
10g RAC on AIX 5L.

Q1. We are using midleware software 'texudo' to connect our databases.
My question is, if one of my node get down, or fails, will be my
activie session or connections automatically redirects to another 
node? If yes, then, if I am doing some query and in middle of my query
I get this problem, then the other node will carry out from where
other node got disconnected or it starts from frist again? what
happens if my session doing DML?
Q2. Can I have two nodes with different configuration in terms of
hardware , like cpus and memory or both nodes should be idential?
Q3. How RAC will maintain the load balancing? Will it distribute the
load parallely or distribute the load according to the node capacity?

Thanks for your time and valuable suggestions.

Best Regards,
Jaffar, OCP DBA
Banque Saudi Fransi
Saudi Arabia
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