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A quick check seems to indicate that with the wallet... I might as well use my 
password architecture because security wise, if the directory can be accessed, 
the wallet can just be copied and used without any knowledge of the password.

On the dbms_datapump side... Some creativity would need to be involved to 
'clean up' log and dmp files.  Somehow set the date as part of the file name.   
Access the data pump dir and remove old exports and logfiles.  Data pump does 
now write over a dump file of the same name.   This does however have the 
advantage of not using a password, but probably harder to be as flexable as a 
korn shell script that can create directories if they don't exist etc.   One 
major beneifit to the script I was writing was it either can export all 
databases in oratab or just the databases supplied to it at the command line.   
With dbms_datapump, each database would have to be logged into to start/stop 
the job if not wanted... a little more work than editing a cron entry for a 
script that is controlling all the exports on that server...

Just some more insight as to where I'm going and where I'm coming from -- just 
in case other comments come to mind.

Best Regards,

Joel Patterson
Database Administrator
904 727-2546

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You could also use a client side wallet.
Or another option would be to not use expdp, but instead use the dbms_datapump 
pl/sql package.
If you program your export with this package, you can use a schedule job to 
start the export and there would be no need to login.


Freek D'Hooge
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Now I am back where I started, no?   about the only thing left (keeping it a 
simple as possible), is to create an externally authenticated user, no?

Joel Patterson
Database Administrator
904 727-2546

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