RE: expdp not working

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  • Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 13:35:58 -0500

We are getting following error when try to change this parameter
SQL> alter system set streams_pool_size=100M scope=both;
alter system set streams_pool_size=100M scope=both
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-02097: parameter cannot be modified because specified value is
ORA-04033: Insufficient memory to grow pool

We are using 32 bit linux and have 32GB RAM, so we are not using
SGA_TARGET and explicitly set shared_pool to 2G and database_buffers to
8GB. Is there any way to set this parameter dynamically or I have to
shutdown the instance and modify the spfile?

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 I think the error at the very bottom of the stack says it all:

ORA-00832: no streams pool created and cannot automatically create one
    Cause: A database feature which needs STREAMS SGA was being used,
however, the streams_pool_size parameter was not defined and the value
of db_cache_size was too small to permit an automatic transfer of SGA to
the streams pool from the buffer cache.
    Action: Please set the parameter streams_pool_size or set

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We are getting the following error while running expdp and I didn't
found munch information on this error on google, Did anyone saw this
error on their environment and what was the problem/solution?

S:\>expdp nm/nm@linux schemas=nm directory=backup_dir dumpfile=nm.dmp

Export: Release - Production on Friday, 26 January, 2007

Copyright (c) 2003, 2005, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Connected to: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release
- Produc
With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options
ORA-31626: job does not exist
ORA-31637: cannot create job SYS_EXPORT_SCHEMA_01 for user SYSTEM
ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_SYS_ERROR", line 95
ORA-06512: at "SYS.KUPV$FT_INT", line 600
ORA-39080: failed to create queues "KUPC$C_1_20070126111433" and
"KUPC$S_1_20070 126111433" for Data Pump job
ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_SYS_ERROR", line 95
ORA-06512: at "SYS.KUPC$QUE_INT", line 1555
ORA-00832: no streams pool created and cannot automatically create one

Environemnt: on RHAT4




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