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  • From: "Jacques Kilchoer" <Jacques.Kilchoer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 10:44:39 -0700

Maybe I don't understand the problem correctly, but this is what I think the 
problem is:
The "&" is considered as a special character, the "DEFINE" character, NOT the 
ESCAPE character. (e.g. the character used for define variables as seen in the 
example below).
But this should only happen in SQL*Plus.
Why do you think the report writer would have the same problem?
SQL> select '&x' from dual ;
Entrez une valeur pour x : ABC
ancien   1 : select '&x' from dual
nouveau   1 : select 'ABC' from dual
SQL> define x = "HELLO"
SQL> select '&x' from dual ;
ancien   1 : select '&x' from dual
nouveau   1 : select 'HELLO' from dual
SQL> set define off
SQL> select '&x' from dual ;

> -----Original Message-----
> Steiner, Randy
> I need to put these columns into a view and the pass the view
> to a report
> writer, so set escape off may not help.
>  -----Original Message-----
> From:         Venkatesh Sadagopan
> Did you try to set escape off and tried it..
> In sqlplus
>        set escape off
>         and then run your query..
> or alternatively you can set escape character to something
> else other than
> &..
> -----Original Message-----
> I inherited a db with column names like:
> Close Date & Time
> I am having trouble querying these columns.  When I put
> double quotes around
> them, I get:
> Enter value for time: old  17: ,"Close Date & Time"

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