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Thanks, that helps. Jared had mentioned you had something in your book, but
when I combed through chapters 7 and 10, I did not find it. Off by one.

On 8/5/06, Jonathan Lewis <jonathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I missed the original conversation, I think, but:

There is a pl/sql procedure in my book (CBO Fundamentals)
that calculates the end-point value for a character string.
The algorithm starts by taking the first 15 characters (padding
with nulls if necessary), reading it as a hex number of 30 digits,
converting to decimal, then rounding that decimal to 15 significant
figures. (which is approximately the same as the value you would
get by using just the first six bytes of the string and zero padding
them up to 15 bytes - hence your 6-character observation).

The use of endpoint_actual_value has changed with versions,
at present I think you only get the endpoint_actual_value (or
rather, the first 32 bytes thereof) if there are two entries in
endpoint_value where the truncated value are the same even
though the actual values are different.

The entire set of scripts for the book, including the relevant function is in the ZIP file. The script is called char_value.sql in the subdirectory for chapter six

Because of the rounding to 15 s.f., you cannot reverse the stored
endpoint_value back to the original text value - but you could
probably get the first 5 characters.

Because the


Jonathan Lewis

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>I would like to revisit this thread briefly. I believe Jerry was referring > back to Lex's response: > // > > He also mentioned hexstr from AskTom: >,F4950_P8_CRITERIA:707586567563 > > Woflgang speculated that Oracle only encodes the first 6 characters, and > will populate actual_value for character fields "when it needs to". > > Given all this, it seems that there is no way to reverse-engineer a bucket > on a character column consistently. Is that still true in 10gR2? In my own > testing, this seems to be the case, especially if the column is larger than > 6 characters. Even when it is not (when the column is less than 6 > characters), the "encoding" process still makes decoding rather difficult. I > used the hexstr function but it is too easy to get control characters in the > stream (even using substr). > > Is there any other way to analyze the bucket information for histograms on > character fields? > Thanks, > > -- > Charles Schultz >


Charles Schultz

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