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I hope this cak help you solve this. Take a look at Metalink note# 67977.1. It 
talks about Fine Grain Access Control (FGAC). The note also gives some examples 
on how to set it up, which isn't very complex.
Jeffrey Beckstrom <JBECKSTROM@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We are running a third party application for which the users are granted
a role. The role allows the users to update the table applications
tables. The problem is that I do not want a user being able to do an
update outside of the application. I thought I came up with a solution
to this by disabling the role if the the terminal running the
application is not one of the servers we expect, i.e. if the connection
was via sqlplus from a users PC, the terminal id would not match and I
would disable the role. If the user was granted other roles to view the
tables, those would remain, just the update role would be disabled.

However, I now find that a database "on logon" trigger can not disable
a role. The procedure that I was calling from the trigger to do the
disable had authid current user but the problem is the trigger.

Is there any way to disable a role from a trigger, or is there some
other way I can disable the role. We do not want users being able to
update tables outside of the application.

Jeffrey Beckstrom
Database Administrator
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
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