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Yes, it looks like the material I got the information from was/is wrong.
I checked the 11gR1 documentation and the Utilities manual still has one
chapter on both exp and imp.  It does state, "Original export is
desupported for general use as of Oracle Database 11g." which is not the
same as not being included. 

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                >> Oracle STILL PROVIDES regular export. <<
                Not with 11g.  Only imp is provided to allow loading old
exp dmp files into the database.  The exp utility is now history though
I am sure a lot of sites running 10g and lower will still be using exp
for a few more years.

        Version and platform?

        I just checked on linux, and exp is still available.
        exp help=y

        Export: Release - Production on Tue Oct 6 09:19:48

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        I have not yet installed 11gR2 to check it.

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