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As far as I know, you have to stop the replication (recovery) and
open the standby database readonly .. when you done "select", you 
resume recovery process by "alter database recover managed standby database;".

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(I never used dataguard before. Sorry for my lame questions.)

Is it possible to syncronize nearly on-line and use the "backup" database 
as a select-only node with loadbalancing?
Our system is 99% read-only. Dataguard seems to be good for 
redundancy/failsafe, but it would be great if we could use the "backup" 
machines CPU too.

TNS can spreads SELECTs between the two nodes, and redirect DMLs to 
only the master?
(Isnt a big problem if TNS cant, then the applications DB layer 
should do it.)

Other solution could be a Master->Slave replication, but I think it 
wont be as solid.

Exists any other Oracle solution for "cumulate computers power"?
I heard about RAC, but seems a bit expensive for us. (Shared storage)

Any comment, experience, suggestion, (rtfm keyword) would be really

Veres Lajos
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