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We currently run our 9iR2 system against Netapp NAS boxes connected via
NFS links.  We have over 100 dbs running on that device and it is
working well.  The Netapp devices are great.  Very good performance.

One time we were having space issues so we had to move a least used DB
off to an external NAS device (i.e. like where you would normally put
your backups).  It was a temporary move, and the performance was really
bad, but it worked for the time needed. 

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I've got a 9iR2 database on an AIX server which is currently
experiencing some SAN problems.  The SysAdmins have indicated that we
need to move off the SAN for several days while they address the issue,
and has suggested that we relocate the database to NFS in the interim.
My preference would be a backup/restore to another server, but we
unfortunately don't have any other AIX systems available, and the
application has some constraints which prevent us from migrating to
another OS at present.

I'm somewhat reluctant to use NFS for Oracle datafiles, largely because
we simply haven't done this for any other environments, but I'm not sure
that I have many options in this specific case.  Is anyone doing this?
If so, is there anything in particular that I should be sure to


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