RE: database links and performance

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  I can second Tom's comment that "bad things happen" when joining across
links.  Especially if the remote tables have much size.  Other strategies
are create a function on the remote DB to return just a small result set
across the link (if applicable.)  Replicate certain data to your local DB
depending on needs/space.
  We have also observed a performance hit (significant in some cases) even
when both DBs are on the the same box.  That said, links are a great thing.
We use them all the time.

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I use them in a couple of applications and generally, they work fine.  A
slow network is a slow network.  Yes, it can hurt performance.  If you think
that your network cannot support your application, then find another way to
do it.

A couple of tricks to consider:

If you need to join tables in the remote computer, consider creating a view
in that computer and calling that view from your local machine.  It will
perform much better - basically, limit the joins from remote tables - bad
things happen.

Good Luck.


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Subject: database links and performance

We are considering using database links in Oracle 9i but are concerned about

Presumably the network can be a bottleneck when using database links.

Does anyone have any useful experiences with performance of database links?


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