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  • Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 14:59:14 -0500   We plan on upgrading to 11gR2.  (solaris 10)

I saw some bugs pertaining to

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  W dniu 2010-11-09 20:26, Joel.Patterson@xxxxxxxxxxx pisze:
> This question is somewhat associated with my lsuosstats global area latch 
> question recently posted.
> We were running a load test and so many of the queries where probably doing 
> the exact same thing.   So the event  "cursor: pin S wait on X" which bubbled 
> to the top.
> > From Tanel Poders web site:  "A mutex differs from a latch in that there 
> > would be many more requestors backed up on a latch, whereas a mutex in this 
> > case protects just one cursor."
> Since this was a test, I am assuming that this is nothing to be concerned 
> about now, but if I were to become concerned about it, does anyone know how 
> they could approach this event specifically?   Is there anything we can do 
> about it now - because we are testing?

  which database version You talking about ?
There was some bugs related to that mutex .


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