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I have never been that keen on altering the default profile. No particular 
justification to support my view but I like to leave sys/system and dbsnmp 

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Also, keep in mind that in 11g (not sure it was since 11gR1 or only in 11gR2) 
passwords expire by default after 180 days... .
So best to either create a new profile (which I prefer) and put the users in 
this profile or alter the default profile.


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This works,
I'm currently using this to move users from a 10g to 11g database.  The kicker 
is to remember that 11g, by default, now uses case sensitivity in the 
passwords.  So, if they entered their password in all lower case in 10g, that's 
still what they need to do.

On 03/04/2011 11:31 AM, japplewhite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote: 
I've used this SQL in a script that runs against the old DB and gets all Users 
but the built-in ones like Sys, System, etc. (User_ID > <SomeInteger>).  It 
makes sure to set their Temp tablespace correctly, in case it wasn't - some of 
our Apps create Users with Temp tablespace = System.  I do System and Role 
privs in different scripts, as well as tablespace Quotas.  Then I take those 
files to the new DB and run them in order. 

Select 'Create User '            || UserName ||           || Chr(10) || 
       'Identified by Values ''' || Password || ''''      || Chr(10) || 
       'Default Tablespace '     || Default_Tablespace    || Chr(10) || 
       'Temporary Tablespace Temp ;' 
From   DBA_Users 
Where  User_ID       > 33 
Order By UserName 

Hope this helps. 

Jack C. Applewhite - Database Administrator

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Subject:        create user with existing password 

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