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Hi All,

I know it's been a very long time since I've posted.  Mostly I'm just
and reading these days.

I'm working on a presentation for Collaborate 2007.  I'm illustrating a very

basica CREATE DATABASE, with only a few options.  I want to illustrate the
state of the data dictionary when:

1. startup nomount
2. after we have run create database (sql.bsq does what?)
3. after we have run catalog.sql

I've been digging around myself, and for instance at stage #1 v$session, and
v$parameter and so on are available.  In face many v$ tables such as
v$tablespace, and v$datafile are available, but return an error at this
because the db isn't mounted.  After stage #2 those v$ tables work properly.

Does anyone know of a good discussion of this, or thorough documentation on
I would like to cover it a little better than my own investigations might.

Thanks in advance,


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