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  • From: Pete Finnigan <oracle_list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 16:22:33 +0100

>what I fail to understand is how removing a binary editor
>from distribution is gonna stop anyone with access to a Posix-like
>system and a C compiler from rolling their own.  It's not like
>it's a major brainstorm to get one going and the source can be found
>just about all over the place. IIRC, there used to be one included
>natively in Unix/Linux: not rocket science to do some custom mods.
Hi Nuno,

Its not a binary editor, its an Oracle block editor. i am sure there are
some on this list who have enough internals knowledge to write one but
it would involve a huge effort to replicate BBED.

But yes i agree totally with Mladen and yourself, the password should
not have been given out on a public forum. 

Thanks Nuno,

kind regards

Pete Finnigan
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