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Some of you have heard of the RAC Pack at Oracle. It's a group within Oracle 
Development that is focused on all aspects of making RAC better, including 
working with customers. The manager of that group, Kirk McGowan, has a blog and 
wrote an entry on the topic of fencing some time ago. It is available at and I'd recommend it highly.


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simple words

if Oracle Clusterware fencing is not reliable we would have seen already data 
corruptions issues

plus, RAC internally has algorithm to avoid data corruptions when cache fusion 
communications suffers problems

interconnect is not SPOF if you protect it with bonding or teaming

I am not sure what is your point about LUNs but I have been in many sites and 
asking for 5 1GB LUNs does not seem problem at all



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I am looking it from a prespective off SLA's
for ex the document mentions

a)Establishing dependencies between clusterware
storage and RAC databases to ensure that the shutdown
in the correct 
sequence.The sun clusterware allows the
oracle clusterware to be stopped before the
filesystems are stopped.

b)It also suggests that there is a scope for oracle
clusterware to evict a node and yet not reboot it

immedaitely .The remaning nodes start recovering the
transactions however the evicted continues to write to
the datafiles during the period of eviction to the
point where it falls down to the boot prompt it will

lead to corruption

There are some other points
a)interconnect connect being single point of failure
b)How to provision voting disks and OCR should i ask
the storage admins to carve out 5 1GB LUNS so i can

mirror them ?
c)Would the storage admin object if i ask 5 1GB luns
to be carved out for me as mostly they allocate LUNS
of 64 GB 100Gb etc


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