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Do you have a password file?

If not, make one in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs  orapwd will give syntax

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I'm still googling for answers but it's looking like I won't be  
finding one, so time to ask here.

I am working as a consultant with a installation.  I was  
present when it was installed and didn't see anything out of the  
ordinary happen.  It seems to function normally with one exception -  
no matter what I do, I get an ORA-01031 "Insufficient privileges"  
error when I try to connect with '/ as sysdba', which prevents  
dbstart and dbshut from working.  I have worked with other 9i  
installations and have never had this problem before.

Most of the suggestions boil down to making sure that group  
assignments are correct and that TWO_TASK is not set, and I've  
followed up on both of those.  The group that owns all of the files  
in $ORACLE_HOME is the same one that's set in config.c and is the  
oracle user's primary group.  I am only expecting this to work as the  
oracle user.

What else could be wrong?





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