RE: branding or versioning forms and reports

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Why not use CVS or Subversion.  You can put the tag '$Revision$ into all =
your forms.  You can then use strings and grep to get the revision =
number (use the cygwin tools if you are not running this on *nix).

The best part is ... CVS and Subversion are free.  I'll bet SCM is not.  =
Why pay for a technology when you do not have to?

Ron Reidy
Lead DBA
Array BioPharma, Inc.

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We are working with SCM - Oracle's versioning software.  We wish to put
in the version in each form so we can do a what on the form binary and
see what version it is.  Is this possible?

We are also trying to use SCCS we can compile a form then check it in
with SCCS but when we check it out we cannot compile again. =3D20

We would prefer to use Oracle's SCM but the issue is with "versioning"
or "branding" the code so we can do a what and easily see what version
the binary is.


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