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Er, how about using a comma list so you're only running a single subquery?

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  What version of Oracle is this?  Perhaps you can declare the file as an
external table then just do a select/ insert from there without previously
loading it.

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    Hi All,

    can someone give me a better code for the below:

    We use the sqlloder to load somedata into oracle.
    that will be loaded into a stage table called adtstage.
    Later this should be updated into the main table HSP.

    For this purpose, we have develped the code like this.
    we will collect the acct# numbers into a flat file (filename is list)
    for each line will fire theupdate statement like below.

    cat list|while read line
    sqlplus -s <<EOF
    @update.sql ${line}
    # list is a file which contains the acct# to be updated into main table.
    update.sql contains teh below code:

    define hsval=&1
    update HSP set
    mr#= ( select   mr#     from    adtstage        where   acct#=
&hsval  ),
    facility_code=( select  facility_code   from    adtstage        where
acct#=  &hsval  ),
    Patient_LName= ( select  Patient_LName    from    adtstage        where
acct#=  &hsval  ),
    where acct#= '&hsval' and hsp_id='XXX'

    In teh abvoe both tables, acct#, mr# columns are primary key.
    There are around 100 cols to be updated from stage to main tables. If
there are a 1000 records it is taking
    long time to update the main table. Becoz, it should run thru the whole
1000 recods and run the above update
    which is taking lot of time.
    can someone help me in tuning this.


    NOTE: Both the tables HSP and ADTSTAGE  are same structures and they
    acct#, mr# as the primary key.

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