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Your version would be useful here, but if you have enterprise edition
you can enable fine grained auditing and capture this, or you'll need to
alter your AUDIT_TRAIL parameter (and restart) to DB_EXTENDED.




SQLBIND and SQLTEXT are not populated unless you specify
AUDIT_TRAIL=DB,EXTENDED in the database initialization file, init.ora.
This is because CLOBs are comparatively expensive to populate.



T. J.



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Dear list,

I need to trace which statement run on one table. I just need to know
i.e. "select etc...."

My DB parameter are set for auditing.

I run the following script :

audit select on "user.table_name" by session;


If I query the AUD$ table I get: 


      3355750                1                 24   01-MAR-11



but I'm not able to find the statement executed.

Is there any way to get it? Is there any V$table to join to retrieve
such info?


thank you for your collaboration



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