RE: anyone else have problems creating TARs?

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Created two today myself....and updated another

Ken Naim <kennaim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  I have no problem, based upon the javascript it would only do nothing if
your problem statement is over 80 character, so shorten it.


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There are two of us here and we are both having problems. We tried from Mac,
From Mac running windows XP, and on our personal PCs at home. Sometimes it
works, most of the time it does not .We have used Internet Explorer,
Firefox, Safari, Netscape, and Opera.

We go to the TAR creation screen and fill out all the required fields. Hit
"next". Nothing happens. I leave 1 required empty. It processes and
appropriately returns an error. Fill out the missing field and hit "next"
,nothing happens. I called up tech support and had them create a TAR for me
on this issue. Its obvious what is happening. I put the javascript code for
the next button in the TAR. 

Its pretty obvious to me that when I hit next and nothing happens, we go
down the path in this javascript code that leads to a null. 

has this happened to anyone else? I have used metalink for years and never
had a problem. Tested this at work and at home on the following browsers

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Opera

Using both Macintosh and Windows XP. 

Here is the function called when the next button is hit. 

function NextPage()
//Check the length of the problem statement
if (document.defineproblem.P_PROBLEM_STATEMENT.value.length>80)



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