RE: any idea what are we missing ?

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  • Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 11:43:19 -0400

A select into query must return ONE and ONLY ONE row.  Anything else is
an error!  Your query returns no rows.  There are no_rows and
too_many_rows (check correct spelling) exceptions provided.  Look in the
PL/SQL manual
HTH -- Mark D Powell --


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        create or replace function t1 return number


           v_exists number(5):=0;


           select 1

           into   v_exists

           from dual where 1 = 0;

           return v_exists;


        --    when others then

        --        v_exists := '999';

        --        return 999;

        end t1;



        select t1 from dual;


        Expected: ORA-01403: no data found


        fraud_owner@E2E811> select t1 from dual

          2  /








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