RE: alter system v shutdown abort

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[jaw drops]  Yes!  Don't shutdown the DB for backups!  That would seem
to be a big nasty red mark on your uptime reports for your "HA"
Of course, with more of the story, there could still be a need for this.
To date, I have never had consistent luck killing a connected process
within Oracle on any version.  I have always had exceptions where one or
more hung in the "sniped" state.
On Unix, use a combination of a shell script that shuts down the
listener, polls v$session and kills the processes.  On Winders, you can
use the Perl that comes with Oracle or use a [gulp] BAT file with the
orakill command supplied by Oracle to kill the thread from the OS.
My $.02,


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The situation is that we have to have all users off so that the system
can shut down for backup.  It's an HP_UX  HA solution that I am not
familiar with.  If all active users are not off, the process doesn't run
and the stuff hits the fan.  The process does a shutdown immediate as
it's first action but that fails if a hung user is left on.  I suggested
that we use my program to see if there are any active users and kill
them.  The other option is the shutdown abort, startup, shutdown
immediate but that might take longer than we have before system before
the next step is excuted.  Just killing any hung users seems to be less
dangerous.  Any other thoughts? 
Thanks again,

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