Re: agility programming and DBA's?

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I say small projects get on and build it, sooner or later it will be a dog.
Big projects, scope it all out, spend lost of time and then it will be a
Kind of like
"Lets do it wrong slow so that we can take forever to fix it right later".
Here's my workplace motto
"All good projects turn shitty, and just when you think you're on a real
shitty project you have to go back and work on an older shittier project"

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This RAD approach is interesting.  What has happened is that most
systems are so small either in the number of users or the amount of data
that proper database design really doesn't matter any more.  The
hardware is so strong(ie: fast) that a bad database design just does not
have the impact that it would have if there were thousands of users or
terabytes of data.

I disagree with it, but that is the way of the world -

"Lets do it wrong fast so that we can hurry up and fix it right later".


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Why do people think one size fits all. It probably works really well for
somethings and not so well for others. The buzzword around here is
development" which sounds very much like "agile programming". The
works right with the client, gets screens up as quick as possible and
hash out the rest. Saves alot of money but I'm sure everyone can see the
downside. Scope creep gets huge, big denormalized tables etc. But it
well for small projects. the traditional model to application
can burn through millions just doing requirements. Our niche is we get
product out there quickly to the client, but we don't design billing
systems, usually all dss stuff.



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