RE: adaptive cursor sharing and bind peeking

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In the context given, I *think* the open cursor operation is effectively
what Carlos includes as one of the possibilities of an execution in his
reference to "every execution" (as opposed to each fetch from an open

Please straighten me out on this if I'm misunderstanding.



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Hi Carlos

> Once it is bind aware on every execution it looks at the values of 
> binds and compares to acs selectivity profile for this sql

When a cursor is open, its execution plan cannot be changed. As a result,
the peeking and everything else that goes with it in case of a bind-aware
cursor can only be done when a parse call is performed. This is also the
reason why static cursors in PL/SQL loops or Java applications using
client-side statement caching cannot take advantage of ACS.

Chris Antognini

Troubleshooting Oracle Performance, Apress 2008 



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