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sorry, I mean processor while I said core here. the price is get from online shop, so ,they already give a discount , that is the reason less than 47K. The thing is I only need the feature of Oracle standard Edition plus a partition option because we may have very big tables.

I am not sure if I can apply Standard Edition plus partition option or not ...

Jesus, Oracle database price is so expensive , Can any one tell me when their financial year begin ?

Thanks a lot.

Yours Jiejie

Storey, Robert (DCSO) wrote:

Are you sure on that price? My understanding was that the price was approximately 47,5000 per processor, not per core. For their licensing support, a core equals .5 of a processor, so, if you have a single CPU that has dual-core, then you have 1 Processor to license. If your CPU is one of the new quad cores, that one CPU equals 2 Processor licenses. That does not count support after the first year, which normally runs you about 20% of the license cost.

But, as was stated in the first reply, look for a reseller, for your discount.

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Dear list,

I am just wondering if you can get a better price from oracle sales than oracle online shop ?

39K per core for enterprise edition with almost 10K partition per core is so expensive !!! plus first year support fee and tax,
we are not ready to afford it :(

Any idea "normal price" for your CPU per core for enterprise edition ? is that possible to low it down to 10-15K per core ?

Thanks a lot.


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