RE: a quick poll regarding the 11gR2 OFA

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  • Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 16:18:49 -0400

u01 was just a suggestion.  Read the original OFA document for a full 
The idea was that these were non-connotative mount point names that would 
accommodate any content in their directory trees.  If you didn't do it this 
way, and needed space to install a new application, and the only mount point 
with free space was /oracle, you'd at least be sowing a little confusion by 
having something unrelated to oracle stored on a filesystem that seemed to be 
dedicated to Oracle.
Of course, the wide availability of SANs and easily carvable and extendable 
logical volumes make this much less necessary now.  OFA was created in the days 
of individually mounted disk drives.

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I use '/oracle' for all Oracle things. This makes it very easy for sysadmins to 
spot the location of 'the oracle stuff'. There are some other locations 
(/var/tmp/.oracle, /etc/oracle, /opt/oracle) which are used by (some) oracle 
As been stated earlier, my personal opinion is '/u01' is non-intuitive and 
non-descriptive, and the default path of the oracle home 
'/u01/app/oracle/product/<some part of the version>' is *way* to deep.

As far as I know, OFA is not about a specific path, but about a flexible layout 
for your database. I've written about a structure wit '/oracle' about 4 years 
ago, which I called 'SOFA': Request for Comment: SOFA, Second generation Oracle 
Flexible Architecture 

Anyone know any history of '/u01'? I guess it was used in the past to have a 
second '/usr' on a separate mountpoint, to have a clear place which holds the 
database software. If so, /u02 and further for the datafiles and other database 
files is really bogus. 


On May 11, 2010, at 2:08 PM, D'Hooge Freek wrote:

        A quick poll.
        The 11gR2 linux OFA version seems to push to use a directory such as 
?/u01/?? instead of ?/opt/oracle/?
        Which directory are you currently using?
        Are you going to change your directory structure to match this new OFA 
        Freek D'Hooge
        Oracle Database Administrator
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