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  • From: "Guang Mei" <gmei@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 15:56:57 -0400


I have the following pl/sql function code that gets called a lot in our
application. I have looked all the querys and they are running fine (have
proper indexes, etc).  I am now trying to see if I could optimize this code
a bit. One thing I am thinking is that the sub pl/sql block within this
function is creating some "overhead". But if I put the code "select abbrev
into ..." in the function directly (instead of in pl/sql block) then how
could I capture it's exception ("when others then select name into jname
from journal where id=jid;")?  Please let me know you have some ideas.


--- here is the code snip:

    select title, volume, pages, year, journalid
    into ttl, vol, pg, yr, jid from ref where id=rn;
      select abbrev into jname from journal2abbrev
      where id=jid and medline='Y';
      when others then select name into jname from journal where id=jid;
    str := str || ' ' || getAuthorString(rn,maxAuthLen) || '  ' || ttl || '
    str := str || jname || ' ' || to_char(vol) || ', ' || pg;
    str := str || ' (' || to_char(yr) || ').';

    return str;
    when others then return null;
end RefString;

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