RE: Yet another tool for Command_line_history for Linux DBA

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And I will put in my $0.02.  I love sqlworksheet (OEM) because you have a
command line history.  You can call up a command and run it on another
database (after changing the connection).  You can do inline editing so
repeat commands which only need a word or two changed are easy to do.

You are not the only devil around here, Jared ;-))


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I'm gonna play Devil's advocate here:

After many years of working on unix where there was
no command line history available, I've found that it
really is not that useful, at least for SQL*Plus.

The OS command line is a different story, as most commands
fit on a single line.  Being able to search the command history
and repeat a command, or edit a previously used one is
extremely useful.

Doing so on a SQL*Plus command line is less so.  SQL statements
are often more than one line, so it is necessary to up arrow to each
line in succession, making sure it is the correct line, and then hit
enter.  Do this for each line in the statement.

It is simply to easy in SQL*Plus to save the buffer to a file via
the 'save' command, or simply 'get afiedt.buf' and 'ed'.

I've tried SQL*Plus command line history tools, and find that they
really aren't much benefit.


On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 18:34:10 +0800, Fenng <dbanotes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,all ,
> at Tom's AskTom( ,I saw :
> [quote]
> Do you use Linux? then you need rlwrap
> . You won't
> know how you survived without it. [/quote]
> yes ,the tool can "up-arrow in SQL*Plus and retrieve old commands",but
> there is another common tool CAN do that too:
> uniread -
> [QUOTE]uniread - universal readline - adds full readline support
> (command editing, history, etc.) to any existing interactive
> command-line program. Common examples are Oracle's sqlplus or jython.
> uniread will work on any POSIX platform with Perl.
> [/QUOTE]
> BTW,I wrote a tips about uniread (in Chinese):
> --
> //

Jared Still
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