Re: Why extra standby redo log group?

  • From: Fuad Arshad <fuadar@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 09:19:23 -0700 (PDT)

Here is an example form one of my standby databases
5,2993939164,1,539739,1258291200,512,YES,ACTIVE,124541122419,4/5/2009 11:15:20 
AM,124541122522,4/5/2009 11:15:20 AM
11:03:59 AM,124541122419,4/5/2009 11:15:20 AM

As you can see both are active  but one is archived=yes the other is not sicne 
it is a realtime recieve . in a very busy environment you will see all 
unassigned as Active with one being used as realtime till time that the backlog 
is more than the standby redo logs.

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Martin, John, Fuad,

Thank you. When you have heavy transaction for a period of time, if you have n 
log groups on primary and n+1 SRL groups on standby, do you see all n+1 SRL 
groups used? That is, on the standby, do you see all, not just n, rows in 
v$standby_log under status column, alternately showing 'ACTIVE'?

I know if I manually switch logfile on primary, only n SRL groups will be 
'ACTIVE' (the extra stays unused). I'll test by building a small data guard 
where primary is on a node with fast storage and standby with slow storage and 
create lots of redo.

Yong Huang

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Subject: RE: Why extra standby redo log group?
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Totally agree. Our configuration has 8 primary nodes and (of
course) only 1 standby node. For those that don't run
DataGuard 10g, you can only have 1 active standby node.
Normal log switches happen about 3 per hour. During peak
times, our log switchs pick up speed and this configuration
keeps up quite nicely. 

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> I would agree with what Fuad says, it is to ensure
that the standby can keep up with the primary. It is only a
recommendation though and not mandatory
> John
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> Well in my case I've seem standby redo logs used
to cover for backlogs I.e Log switching is faster than the
standby instance can perform


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