RE: Which plan is better - what COST really means ?

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People seem to cloud the concepts of the pre-run estimated runtime of a
query (officially its "estimated cost") and the post-run operationally
measured runtime of a query. The problem with a CBO is that before a =
runs, it can only estimate a cost using a model. The model is not =
(although it's usually more perfect than the input--db and schema
statistics--than DBAs feed the model).

Now, AFTER a query runs, it's easy to see whether the estimated cost was =
good or not. But who wants the CBO to run a query six ways before =
choosing a

If I recall correctly, 10g has some operational memory built into the =
that allows the CBO to use operationally measured response times for a =
query as an input into computing the next plan.

Mr. Sharman, care to comment? (And by the way, will I be seeing you in =
next week?)

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I definately agree with about what toms is saying. I had expereince
where higher COST queries much father than lower COST queries in the
CBO. Taking consideration of response time would be more better than
COST of the query.

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> Friends,
> when i have got two plans , how do i decide
> which one is the best ?
> just read in asktom , that COST of a plan ,
> does not have any correspondence with response
> time of a query.
> i.e.,a query with higher COST than another
> can be faster.
> if so , what in the execution plan does help
> me to decide about a good (faster) plan ?
> unless i execute it , can't i know it ?
> is that the only way !!!
> Can someone throw light on this ?
> The environment is oracle
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Prem.
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Best Regards,
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