RE: Where does STATSPACK save its reports generated with spreport

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Not from what I've seen - with on Win2K3, when I run spreport.sql it 
saves the the output in my current working directory.  You can see from the 
following lines in sprepins.sql (called by spreport.sql) that it just spools to 
your current directory:

prompt Specify the Report Name
prompt ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
prompt The default report file name is &dflt_name..  To use this name, 
prompt press <return> to continue, otherwise enter an alternative.

set heading off;
column report_name new_value report_name noprint;
select 'Using the report name ' || nvl('&&report_name','&dflt_name')
     , nvl('&&report_name','&dflt_name') report_name
  from sys.dual;
spool &report_name;
set heading on;

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It will default to $ORACLE_HOME/BIN if you are using a windows client

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