RE: :) What you can't do in java you can do in perl

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  • Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 19:08:53 -0400

Steve what do you think about this release
Enhanced Python Distribution - Python 2.3.3 for Windows (Enthought Edition) 
Or which would you suggest. to download.
Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco
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Subject: RE: :) What you can't do in java you can do in perl
Thanks for the support and nice post but I maintain that Python is also
excellent for scripting. We manage 300+ servers with Python scripts.
(We've been rated in the top 25 ASPs.) We have built tons of our own
utilities and we monitor everything in sight. We manage and restart our
web servers and DNS servers with Python. We also manage our on demand
software and customer driven upgrades with Python. Our staff of
SysAdmins and DBAs were able to become fluent and productive in Python
in a relatively short period of time. I've done Perl and I'd hate to
think of what our utilities would look like with a multi-developer
effort in Perl. (Some of our SysAdmin types really slam out the
"whatever-it-works" code without giving thought to architecture and
supportability.) It's altogether too easy to write obtuse code in Perl
but in Python it takes conscious devious effort to obfuscate the code
Nevertheless, bash, awk and the like are here to stay too.
Also, we do all our web apps in Python which has lots of open source yet
mature library modules. We also access and drive C programs from Python.
There's a free Python app which allows you to develop your own
functional equivalent of a TIVO box on Linux so after hunting season is
over I'm going to give that a try and build my home theatre around
Python. Why does work get in the way of all the really fun stuff?
Steve Orr
Elk hunter in Bozeman, Montana
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Subject: RE: :) What you can't do in java you can do in perl
I'm with you (thought I'd jump on your side before the perl sheep all
gang up on ya).
Now, if you're a dba, which I'm sure most of the listers are (I pity
you), then by all means, use
perl (have fun).
But, for us developers, well, python is just... Better. Period.
You can really do some nice things like OO programing ,functional
pass functions as parameters to other functions, etc... Cool stuff.=20
For a developer, if you needed scripting done, shell+sed+awk was
C is beautiful for systems programming. Java is cool for web apps.
Python for everything else
(and for taking over your old shell/sed/awk stuff). Perl, has it's
place in DBA land and should stay there.
That's not to say Perl isn't a great tool, it is, but, we have your
toys and you have yours.
Anthony Molinaro
DB developer, OCP 8,8i,9i (so I can argue with dba's),
python-protagonist, hater of the NATURAL JOIN syntax=20
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Subject: RE: :) What you can't do in java you can do in perl
> DBI is the best open source database interface available.
Having done both Perl and Python I'll concede that DBI DBD::Oracle is
superior. But the Python equivalent has been good enough for my
purposes. Attesting to Python's glue-between-systems-and-software
capabilities (like Perl), someone has developed a Python interface to
DBI. It doesn't seem to be used much in the Python community and it
seemed too weird so I never looked into it.=3D20
Steve Orr
Certifiable, former Perl dude, burgeoning Pythonista, Perlmonger
executioner :-)
Btw, I've used and even developed my own HTTP web servers in Python. (I
demo'd it in my IOUG presentation.) Where can I find such a thing in
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Subject: Re: :) What you can't do in java you can do in perl
On Wed, 29 Sep 2004 12:53:50 -0600, Orr, Steve <sorr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Avoid CGI if performance is an issue. You can get some really =
> performance with mod_python (or mod_perl). I did a benchmark test with
> mod_python with connection pooling where I could re-use parsed =
>with bind variables and I got an orders of magnitude boost in=3D20
>performance. =3D20
I've been tempted to try Python, but have had no compelling reason.
If there was anything to compete with Tim Bunce's DBI and DBD::Oracle
modules, I would give it a try. But there isn't. DBI is the best open
source database interface available.
Jared Still
Certifiable Oracle DBA and Part Time Perl Evangelist

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