Re: What was the WORST session at IOUG/Collaborate or OOW you have ever seen

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i remember  a session by someone about  disaster recovery and he was  bad. he 
started out with our company got bought by another company who got bought by 
another company so i am unable to disclose the hardware or software used for 
this presentation.
half the room pretty much knew what the config  looked like since most of the 
people in the room were people that were looking at a similar solution or had 
looked  at such a solution.
on top of  this the speaker was unable to explain how  he did implement this 
which made it a very bad  presentation indeed.

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I don't recall the person that was giving the session, but it was back many
years ago on rollback segments and tuning them. I sat in this very large
room with maybe 100+ people...
I was sitting next to Marlene Theriault (I'd just met her that year or the
year before I think, have not seen her in some time, has anyone else??)....
This session was SOOOOO bad, and so full of misinformation and I just sat
there as Marlene held me down and kept me from yelling NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TOO

That was the worse session I ever attended. What about you?? No need to name
names, I'm not looking to embarrass anyone...


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