RE: Weirdness with 'ons' process....

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  • Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 22:09:02 +0800


This won't solve your problem, but connections in TIME_WAIT state aren't
open anymore ;)

The socket info is kept just for being able to receive any "lost" and
"detoured" packets from the network for that connection.

There's Linux kernel parameter tcp_fin_timeout which you can tune lower -
that closed sockets connection data would be cleared out sooner.

Reducing this for LAN networks shouldn't be much of a problem, as generally
the packets there don't get detoured and lost that often.

I have never changed it myself though, don't have an idea about its side


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> Hi Alex,
> No, I mean there are 41,446 distinct open connections in 
> TIME_WAIT state and 63,961 distinct open connections on the 
> other node.  Those numbers were a reference to the total 
> aggregate number of connections on port
> 6101 on each node, not a reference to the source port number. 
>  Running 'netstat -an|grep -c ":6101 "' takes several minutes.
> -Mark

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