RE: Weird database hanging

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Have a look at

for the wait event.

"Zanen van, J (Jacob)" <Jacob.van.Zanen@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: I believe there is 
a patch for the cursor: pin S wait on X bug (5907779)



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I do believe that there have been reports of hangs on "cursor: pin S
wait on X" with  The best way to proceed would be to get a
system state dump and upload it to a SR.  It should be able to be
identified by the trace.  I believe they may be a patch/ARU for it.

On 10/24/07, Alex Gorbachev  wrote:
> Your data from ASH doesn't have anything between 10:44 and 10:53 - it 
> was probably stuck as well.
> "os thread startup" is rather strange - problems starting new
> And this is interesting - "cursor: pin S wait on X". Alex Fatkulin is 
> hinting next to me that it *might* be new "cool" mutex that is enabled

> by default in Disable - _kks_use_mutex_pin=false.
> There was a discussion on Oracle-L about it.


Greg Rahn


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