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This blog entry, appears to indicate you are on the right track:

I do not think increasing this value will require significant extra
resources on the app server, but the database is a different matter, you
will probably have to increase MAX_OPEN_CURSORS.


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Is there any sort of baseline recommendation for the StatementCacheSize
setting when using Weblogic connection pooling?
I'm involved in some load testing of a 3rd-party application, and the
only significant issue we're seeing is a parse-to-execute ratio of
(essentially) 1:1.  I've been told that we're using the default cache
size of 10 statements, which sounds woefully inadequate to me... I'm
tempted to ask for a substantial increase, such as to 50 or 100.
Unfortunately I'm not Weblogic-savvy, and so don't have any real
appreciation for the additional resources this would require on the
appserver.  I realize this is rather vague, but would appreciate any
suggestions that I might use as a starting point.

For what it's worth, I do intend to ask our vendor contact if they have
any recommendations on this matter.  It might take a few days to get an
answer, however, so I thought it would be worth checking into here as


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