RE: Was OPS ever certified on Linux?

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If it is OPS, the bit you'd be looking for is the DLM (Distributed Lock


I have no knowledge of such existing for Linux, but that doesn't mean a lot.
In the era it was likely you'd find a single SMP box large enough to handle
your problem rather than deploy the number of Linux boxes that would be
required to do the same with Linux and OPS.


Good luck trying to research old certify matrices. I wonder if they are
preserved anywhere.




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I'm finding discussion around the web discussing IBM and VALinux's support
for OPS on Linux, as well as forum posts with people complaining about how
hard it was to set up - so clearly it was supported.  I just don't know
which clusterware they were using.


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Hi Frits,

thanks for your quick reply.

On 03/24/2010 03:52 PM, Frits Hoogland wrote:
> The first linux media shipped by oracle was 8.0.5, that's something I
> I don't recall exactly what the status of that software was, but I am
almost sure it wasn't production.
> Let me reverse the question: with 9i RAC, the oracle clusterware came, I
do not know of any supported clusterware prior to that on linux.

As far as I know Oracle introduced oracm as the cluster manager with
9.0.1 for Linux and Windows NT. So the question probably is: was there
ever a Oracle-compatible cluster manager was available prior to 9.0.1

> frits
> On Mar 24, 2010, at 4:47 PM, Martin Bach wrote:


Martin Bach
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