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The same effect can be achieved with the slow client. I know of an application
whose users were constantly giving me calls about "slow database". Database
was waiting for the SQL*Net data. I tested the network by using ping and it 
as GB switch should: node alive, with 0ms response time. The application was 
one of
those three tier monstrosities, which was using iPlanet and iPlanet-based 
The explanation that I was given was the iPlanet 6.5 has had some serious 
with pooling, and that "it was hanging". The problem was in the application 
and a hanging client. Users were calling me because "database is slow today", 
in the same fashion as "there is something strange with the Force today". The 
thing  one can do is to profile the client application and see where the 
of time is spent. If that is a .NOT application, you should look no further.

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> > Have you tested the network with "ping"? Some platforms have
> > utility called "spray"
> > which helps you determine the network throughput. You cannot
> > make conclusions about
> > network based on Oracle wait events.
> Were the wait for SQL*Net more data from client I'd be quite tempted to 
> diagnose the problem as being  the network using Oracle wait events. Of 
> course it probably wouldn't convince a network admin.... 
> some places also limit or set at a low priority ICMP traffic
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