Re: Voting disk TIE

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  • Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 09:22:38 +0200


Do you mean the total failure part?

Try it in a two node configuration, unplug the cable from lower node
interconnect wait for 3 minutes and everything will be down. The reason is
simple since the lower node will always survive Clusterware is forcing a
node which has lost interconnect to survive, since the lower node does not
have an interconnect Cache Fusion Fails, instance fails complaining about

I have tested it over 20 times, I was puzzled at the beginning, I opened a
SR to Support and they say that is how it works and I can file en ER if I

Now, if you say you will use another network for Cache Fusion then it might
work but then again Oracle recommends single network for Cache Fusion and
Clusterware Network Heartbeat.


On 5/10/07, Mark W. Farnham <mwf@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

 I have to disagree.

If you have any link at all the disk holding the online redo logs of the
non-surviving instance, then you can recover those logs and keep right on

Even an nfs read only mount will do. It is of course also nice to be able
to read the log and out directories of the non-surviving node if they are
not totally shared as well,

and if you need the other instance's archived redo for backup it must be

Of course ideally all the disks are totally shared on bandwidth different
from the cache fusion interconnect.

Maybe you mean something entirely different from what I took your meaning
to be…




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Two nodes is not really useful to check this since the lower node rule
applies, which isnt quite good IMHO, losing interconnect equal RAC total



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