Re: Virtualbox images for EM 12c, DataGuard, RAC, GoldenGate / run multiple simultaneous OL5 images on Win7?

  • From: Niall Litchfield <niall.litchfield@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dananrg@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 16:16:10 +0100

I run both em12c and 2 node RAC in Virtual Box, though I built them myself.
 To my disappointment I've found that em12c really does want the 2 cores
and 6gb of RAM advertised at
 In addition I try and give each of my RAC vms at least 2 and pref 4gb ram
(so that the db isn't pathetically small).  There is a script that the RAC
ATTACK guys have put
together that can claim memory back from the RAC nodes. I have 16gb of RAM
in my laptop though so it's mostly processing power that limits me. I
suspect you'll run into memory shortage with 8gb ram if you want to run all
3 VMs together.

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 11:11 AM, dnrg <dananrg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> A friend pointed me to Virtualbox and an excellent "Developer Days" image
> (includes Oracle 11gR2 running Oracle Linux 5) as a quick way to build a
> sandbox for experimenting with features, options, etc.
> I bought an HP Pavillion g6 quad core (AMD) laptop with of 8G RAM laptop
> specifically for Oracle professional development. And the Developer Days
> image looks great. But a few questions:
> Q1) Do any Virtualbox images exist for:
>     -- EM / Grid Control 12c (I'll settle for an EM / Grid Control 11g
> image)
>     -- Images I can practice RAC with (properly configured, would the
> Developer Days image above do?)
>     -- DataGuard
>     -- GoldenGate
Not that I'm aware of. Third parties aren't allowed to distribute VM

> Q2) Given the laptop specs above, should I be able to run at least two
> simultaneous Virtualbox Oracle images atop Win7? The minimum I'd need for
> RAC.

I'd say so, but you will want to watch memory allocation.

> Q3) Can / does Virtualbox run in a "Bare Metal" mode? How much of a
> performance hit am I looking at in running Virtualbox on Win7? I'd wipe the
> laptop clean and install Linux; but after a failed attempt to cold-image my
> new laptop using PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost) I'm not confident the laptop
> can handle Linux. None of my hard drives were recognized while booting from
> the PING CD.
No. I've found Virtual Box an excellent VM platform (and I especially like
the shared folders feature. )

> Q4) Are there any other useful Virtualbox images I should know about?
> - ask yourself, do I trust sites like this

> Q5) Would OOW be the place where new Virtualbox images for education and
> training be released? If so, could someone please post a link when and if
> that occurs?
> Q6) Is Virtualbox the best virtualization software for Oracle education
> and self-training purposes? VMWare seems to be the virtualization software
> of choice in my org. And would VMWare be the way to go if I want to build
> my own images (again, for self-training? The sysadmins know VMWare--it's
> what they're already comfortable with--so they're avoiding Oracle's VM
> software. But it might be nice to get a learning "two fer" out of this if
> 1) VMWare is the dominant virtualization software overall out in the market
> generally and 2) There is a free version that would allow me to build
> Oracle images for training purposes.

VMware Server/Player isn't really the same product as the enterprise
virtualisation product so I don't really think it makes that much odds.

> Q7) Is it legal to produce, and has anyone released, various Oracle images
> for self-education / training purposes that will run on VMWare Player?

In a word, No. I don't believe it is even legal to do this with the free XE
version, though I can't see Oracle would care in practice. Its all about

> Dana
> --

Niall Litchfield
Oracle DBA


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