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  • Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 11:26:52 -0700 (PDT)


How did you measure this free real memory and virtual memory? 
 ++ top
 ++ Memory: 8192M real, 2301M free, 4947M swap in use, --->  689M swap free
Which columns from which tools output?

A decent OS shouldn't start paging much before it starts running out of
physical memory, but there are few things which could affect this. Solaris
zones could be one thing I guess.

As solaris /tmp filesystem is usually a in-memory filesystem which can be
paged out to pagefile, then maybe this is your issue - check if you got a
lot of files in /tmp filesystem.
 ++ I really didn't see much in /tmp
 Appreciate the help, Dave


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> We have a system with swap less than half  the size I would 
> like, 5 GB swap with 8 GB real. Last week we started to run 
> out of  virtual memory while real memory usage was still low. 
> There was only 400 MB virtual memory remaining but 2 GB real 
> memory available. What I'm curious about is if we run out of 
> virtual memory will the system be affected or will it just 
> start using more of the real memory. When I asked one person 
> he said we could still run out of kernel resources and I 
> asked him to elaborate but haven't heard back. If anyone can 
> shed light on how the system would handle the situation I 
> would appreciate it. Also we plan on rebuilding swap with 1.5 
> times real memory as a standard. Does anyone else have a 
> standard they follow for allocating swap? 
>  We are running on Solaris 2.9.
>  Thx, Dave


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