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I (had to) use Embarcadero ER/Studio on my last gig.
I learned to like it, but sometimes spent time doing things over...check-in, 
check-out was little painful and unruly.
It was much more a Data Model tool than a versioning tool (IMHO).
*When* maintained and entered correctly it would generate some nice complete 
DDL of the project for the database and save us from manual script maintenance 
and put the pressure on everyone to put/keep our stuff in the tool or else.
Didn't do GRANTS well or at all, but it have once nice feature was a "RUN THIS" 
option.  Anything that it could not generate at least could be included in the 


Chris Marquez
Oracle DBA

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W e are considering Embarcadero, Subversion, VSS and Clear Case for
versioning DBA work:
data models
project plans ????
unix scripts
windows scripts
For multiple RDBMS environments.
Any suggestions?

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